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Hi. I'm Timur.

I help brands
stand out and
make a difference through creative mediums of design, storytelling & code.

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Helping a Moscow-based VR/AR agency find an edge over their competitors and redesign their old website to better reflect their brand.

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I have to say, in this day and age, Timur is a very rare find. Herbert Berger / 3-starred Michelin Chef


Timur created my new home that reflects my personality. It screams with who I am. Marie Korovina / Artist & Journalist


I look forward to continuing our partnership for many years to come. John Cash MBE / Former Royal Navy Officer


Timur didn't just create a website, he created a new world for my paintings. Ross Jones / Painter


Working with Timur on my little website has been such a learning experience. Yevgeniya Davarashvili / Creator of Super Matryoshkas






1. Explore

Be it a project at its conception or revisiting an existing concept, I always start from understanding the DNA of your brand/business, its story, long-term vision and its product or service. After that, together, we dive deep into the mechanics of your business by having a thorough conversation about different processes within your business. Then the information is used for research and ideation phases, and in order to pinpoint the targeted audience. And the last phase of this exploration step is to validate learned information/data.

2. Design

Design step is where all the magic happens. It’s when everything starts to visually take direction and have a meaning. Starting from sketching those initial ideas and then creating a more robust input in a way of wireframes just to illustrate visually where everything is heading. And then, creating early prototypes by implementing an entire visual style before it’s ready to be coded for production. And throughout the whole of design process iterating at each micro-step where needed.

3. Build

Development phase is when design becomes alive. When everything becomes one, whole organism. It’s an architecture of design when every mechanism works in unison to make your product or service accessible to your audience. It’s when your project takes shape and form. From the moment your audience first interacts with it until they become your clients/customers.

4. Iterate

Iteration is as important as any other phase in the whole process. There are many different factors that can affect and indicate certain directions within a design process. So, iterating and taking into consideration those factors is crucial for having an end product be authentic and real achieving all of the milestones and goals set during all of the stages of the process.

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Design is a flute through which a story's breath moves through. Listen to this music.


I am a London-based multi-disciplinary designer with a focus on UX/UI, full-stack and ecommerce design.
I design and build digital environments for my clients' businesses that help connect and impact in a meaningful way.
Oh, and I am addicted to artisan coffee and beautiful typography.


Let's create something meaningful & make a difference.

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