Type of Colour

About the project

This project was inspired by and originated from my love for typography & colour. The main purpose of this experiment is to inspire and create an environment in which fellow designers & creatives could experiment themselves. And to use it as a creative ground to build and expand upon.

Typography & colour are not just means towards a creative or design goal but a creative foundation in itself. An opportunity to go beyond a common perception of typography and colour as simply tools to be used in a design process. Frankly, typography is creatively underused in this digital day & age where most of the websites are looking like clones of each other typographically.

There are so many creative paths typography with a help of colour can take. Paths that can potentially take us to places where we - designers & creatives have never been in. Places where lies something better, something that will make current state of typography on the Internet a much more creative and pleasant environment to be in.

Words tell a story and typography is its voice.

About the name

Name 'Type of Colour' stands for a shorter version of 'Typography of Colour', where the word 'type' means 'typography'. Basically, a longer meaning of the name would come to this - experimenting with typography & colour and learning how they are connected in a digital environment. As well as exploring ways typography can give a deeper purpose to the use of colour in a design process and vice versa.


Fonts by Typekit
Colour by Pigment
Heading animation inspired by Henry Desroches
An experimental project by Timur Shakirov